Do you have a Web or computer system in mind? We can make it a reality for you.

We can build part or all of your eBusiness system using the latest technologies, supplement your existing project with our top notch IT talent, perform project management, build your data warehouse, and perform a host of other IT consultancy functions. Email us with your IT idea, problem or need and we'll give you some free advice, and naturally let you know if New Zealand IT can be of assistance.

Who We Are

New Zealand IT is an IT company dedicated to providing innovative eBusiness solutions. New Zealand IT has developed three core competencies through experience, reputation and knowledge of the market place as depicted below.

The three divisions of New Zealand IT create a virtuous cycle where each competency feeds and supports the others. For example, the recruitment arm of New Zealand IT provides a resource of talent that can be drawn upon for consultancy and outsourcing work and development projects can lead to the need for support of specific IT functions.

Our US operations focus primarily on consulting and outsourcing work. Visit for more on our recruiting competencies.