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Because of its history and physical position in the South Pacific, New Zealand is a curious mix of British and US cultures. A short distance off our western coast lies Australia, one of our major trading and sporting partners. Los Angeles, London and Sydney are all direct flights from our cities.

Before air travel New Zealand was a long way from everywhere, which resulted in a very self-reliant and pragmatic life style. A "can-do" mentality is the hallmark of the New Zealand way of life.

This "can-do" attitude has pervaded New Zealand's technology industry. New Zealand companies are on average smaller than their Asian and northern hemisphere counterparts and our technologists are exposed to a greater variety of technologies. Broad exposure leads to broad understanding that in turn leads to the ability to think creatively and laterally when developing solutions.

Because of this attitude New Zealand IT people are in demand everywhere and some of the most senior figures in the global IT industry hail from New Zealand.

As a demonstration of our technical and strategic ability, we have profiled some of our recent work…

Trade & Exchange

Trade & Exchange

Trade and Exchange is the clear market leader in free-advertising newspapers in New Zealand. The paper is distributed though independent outlets.

Trade and Exchange was concerned about the efficiency of their distribution outlets. Some outlets were overstocked while some were significantly under-stocked. A project was initiated in-house to create an automated mechanism for establishing the optimum level of stock for each distribution outlet.

The complexity of the project and the lack of internal expertise led to difficulties in delivering a finished product. Management recognized the need to recover the project quickly and therefore appointed New Zealand IT.

What had been a four year project internally was completed in 6 months by New Zealand IT.

New Zealand IT managed the development of the circulation management system that integrated with their legacy accounting systems. A data mart was then created to provide Trade and Exchange with analytical capability to monitor and adjust the distribution of their paper.

Six months after the completion of the project Trade and Exchange reported a 100% increase in circulation profits. The level of sales have increased while costs have dropped as a result of printing less surplus stock.

Motorweb an Internet Startup


Motorweb is an online vehicle information system which makes life hard for criminals and gives peace of mind to car buyers. By utilizing data from many different Government databases Motorweb allows the full historical overview of a vehicle to be seen. Motorweb also allows Government transactions such as change of ownership to take place online.

At the other end of the spectrum to the established companies like Trade & Exchange is the Internet Startup. Motorweb had a strong eBusiness idea and the investment backing, but needed its eBusiness system constructed to turn the dream into reality.

The eBusiness system needed to be robust, scaleable, and able to seamlessly integrate with the Government legacy systems. The system also needed to minimize any tie in to propriety technologies. Security was a priority since Motorweb's service is a C2G (Consumer to Government) and B2G (Business to Government) system. The Government would not be pleased if their data was put at risk.

New Zealand IT was asked to produce a plan, which was then implemented. Using the latest software development methodology New Zealand IT gathered requirements, designed and then implemented the system.

With an experienced consulting team and some of New Zealand's very best Web, Java, and Enterprise Java Bean developers New Zealand IT quickly produced a system that met all criteria.

The CEO's dream has become reality, the Government is happy, vital clients are coming on board, and most importantly the companies revenue stream is now open and growing wider by the day.

Dialogic an Intel Company


Dialogic is the division of Intel that develops their telephony Products.

New Zealand IT in a consultancy role was asked to provide recommendations of how to move one of their premier technologies from a propriety OS into a cross platform environment with a Web based GUI (Graphical User Interface).

In a short period of time New Zealand IT investigated the very complex technological goals and significant business requirements. We produced two comprehensive reports detailing the way forward. Then to prove the concept we developed two working prototypes based on the technological architecture we recommended.

Dialogic management and technologists were "very impressed" with the recommendations and felt confident moving in that direction, especially since the prototypes proved that everything would function together.

Our work at Dialogic/Intel is an excellent example of how New Zealand IT can be used to supplement existing teams and help develop IT business concepts, products and technologies.

Here are some of the other companies we have been proud to work with…

British Telecom


Air New Zealand



American Express

Britannia Building Society

Qbik (makers of WinGate) Qbik (makers of WinGate)

Sovereign Assurance (Commonwealth Bank)

Feltex Carpets

University of Auckland

Total Home Entertainment

Here are some of the industries in which we are familiar…

Finance / Insurance
Internet & e-Business
Information Technology
Scientific Research

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